The Power of a Name

What is in a name? Everything . . . but not all things. I recently came upon a Facebook post stating that a person’s name is God-given and very important, creating their identity. This got under my skin, and I almost kept scrolling. For nearly my entire life, I have...


Title: Ninety-Nine Authors: Elisheba Haxby and Jess Rivas; Above the Sun Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance Amazon link: Buy here Back cover/Amazon summary: Darkness has shrouded Tamara’s life as long as she can remember. After one more...

The Tale of Two Dreams

(originally posted on, May 27,2016) The last several weeks I haven’t been to any waterfalls, and I’ve done only a small amount of writing. I’ve been spending my time at track meets and softball games. You see, my two teen girls have been...
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