One Last Stand

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Cassie’s reclaimed her life and Sharon has recovered from alcoholism.

They can finally rebuild their lives. . .or can they?

Cassie Peterson is a busy single mom excited about her future. She feels confident at work, her seven-year-old daughter is thriving, and the college education she longs for is on the horizon. Then there’s Matt, the youth pastor of her church, where both Cassie and her mother attend. Matt and Cassie have been dating for nearly a year, and he’s more than she ever hoped for in a man. It looks like all her dreams are coming true—until a startling letter arrives in the mail.

Cassie’s mom, Sharon, never thought she’d be a ministry leader, but that’s exactly what she’s doing at her church. Frank, her co-leader in the Higher Focus Recovery group, is passionate about his faith, recovery and helping others—he might even help Sharon forget about the man she can’t stop loving no matter how hard she tries.

When a scandal rocks their church leadership, Cassie and Sharon are caught up in the middle of the collateral damage. Can their family stand against the forces intent on destroying them? Or will their dreams crumble, piece by piece?

They can finally rebuild their lives. . .or can they?