From July 20-24, the award-winning book in my series, Whispers of Grace, is available for FREE on Kindle.

You can get it here: One Woman Falling.

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Here’s what people are saying about the Whispers of Grace series …..

Author Melanie Campbell’s first two books in the Whispers of Grace series, One Woman Falling and One Way Home, swept me away. I couldn’t put them down, so I was delighted to buy a copy of One Last Stand, the third (and final? I hope not!) title.

The lead characters, Cassie Peterson and her mother, Sharon Gilbert, inspired me. The ways they clung to their faith through circumstances that would push others away touched my heart. Cassie’s struggle with feelings of unworthiness and her agonizing journey to being “enough” resonated with me. Sharon’s efforts to seek, and offer, forgiveness and to rebuild relationships showed maturity of faith and personality that made for a compelling read.

The author isn’t afraid to talk about the tough stuff, the type of issues Christian fiction often avoids. I love that about her writing! One Last Stand dives headfirst into the challenges of congregational life. Campbell holds up a mirror to the consequences of failures in church leadership and individual congregational members. The results are powerful and poignant.

Melanie Campbell’s trio of books explores what it means to follow Christ as a hurting human being in a broken world.

A must read.

-Goodreads Reviewer

If you enjoy fiction that makes you experience the full gamut of emotions, makes you hope, and reminds you of the freedom you have in Christ, you will want to read the Whispers of Grace series!

-Amazon Reviewer

One Woman Falling is a deep story, touched by betrayal, hurt and healing.
We are invited into Cassie Peterson’s life and it opens the door for the reader to see the root of her denial of abuse (even when it’s apparent to all others around Cassie). In the story, Cassie puts the needs of her child first, and then discovers she is also deserving of protection and love. The grief, the unease, the fear in just admitting things aren’t as they seem, can be enough to keep an abuse victim encaged and shackled to their abuser. But then Cassie discovers faith enough to pursue safety.
I can’t recommend this book enough. If you’ve ever been in a situation that felt overwhelming and out of your control, if you or a loved one has been in a damaging relationship, if you’ve ever wanted to understand how someone could possibly find themselves in a situation of hopelessness, then go get a copy of this book.

-Goodreads Reviewer

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